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6 sterilization and sterilization of clothes, start a safe and beautiful life

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The weather is hot, it is the season of bacterial growth. The sterilization of clothes has always been a concern of people. Clothes are similar to the second layer of skin of human beings. They are in close contact with the skin. If the correct sterilization and dust removal are not done, It can cause itchy skin and allergies.


Washing clothes is an indispensable part of our life. After the clothes are passed through, there will be bacterial substances, but we must do the correct sterilization and disinfection. If we use the wrong sterilization method, it will be counterproductive. A solution containing a sterilizing effect can be dripped into the clothes.

The ultraviolet light in the sun has a good natural bactericidal effect, so the clothes should be air-dried in a place with ventilation and sunlight. Under normal circumstances, it takes 6 hours to achieve the purpose of disinfection, reducing the proliferation of bacteria and bacteria, and remember not to expose the sun. .

With the development of science and technology, more and more washing machines have the effect of sterilizing clothes. When purchasing washing machines, when paying attention to other functions, we must pay special attention to the effect of sterilization or sterilization, such as high temperature. Sterilization, oxygen sterilization, these can be attached to the washing machine.


Before washing clothes, add some common vinegar to the water that needs to be washed, and then soak for a while, which can effectively sterilize and prevent the production of bacteria, but too much vinegar may cause the clothes to fade, and finally it is not worth the loss.


You can add toilet water to the washing process of cotton clothes and sweaters. After the clothes are rinsed, add a few drops of water to the water. Do not need too much, then soak the cleaned clothes in the water for about ten minutes. It acts to disinfect and remove sweat.



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